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The network announced today that not only is it bringing Best Ink back for a third season, but it also is developing two more.

Best Ink 2 Premiere at Hope Gallery April 3rd

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Summer Premiere Dates For New & Returning Series: 2017 Edition

Watch Full Episodes, Get Behind the Scenes, Meet the Cast, and much more.On Tuesday, Feb. 25, fans will watch as 17 tattoo artists begin.Skye is erm whatever she does in the shop, while Tiff is tattooing celebrity clients.After weeks of tattooing and fighting for a spot in the Season 4 finale, the judges finally narrowed the.

The show, which tests the abilities of tattoo artists, premiered in.Honestly Dutchess storyline this season is completely pointless.When shit is so messed up in your life you tend to target people.INK MASTER Season 6 Premiere, Meet the Artists (VIDEO Preview).Fuck you doing trying to attack someone who has no issue with you.

Avg User Rating Rate this show 5 stars 4 stars 3 stars 2 stars 1 star.Agreed on everything but Duchess and Cease getting back together.Oh Shit is delusional, Nikki must have that curable dope fiend pussy.I hate when ppl speak on situations that occurred if they were not there.Ahead of its Season 6 premiere on June 23, Spike TV has ordered a 16-episode seventh season of its hit tattoo-competition series Ink Master to debut in.

I have never worked at any job where that would be acceptable, she would have been fired immediately for attacking another employee.And anyone and their mama can tell sky IS jealous of Tiffany.So usually I would say that was unacceptable but sorry to say I did not feel bad nor flinch when she made that comment.

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If she came in as the humble Tiffany, I think her experience would have been different.If Cease would have listened to another woman or man that said something about Dutchess, she would have blew up like a nuclear weapon.

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Tiffany came in thinking that cease being there would stop sky from fighting her.And the craziest part is all three fights Tiffany was in were literally not her fault.

I think that Tiff girl rubbed her the wrong way since the beginning when she talked about dutch, got into like two fights and she had only been working there a few days.Nikki, your husband has already been dipping into your pockets since you met him.

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If she ignores and stays out the bullshit she could easily upgrade and then you will see sky turn on her too.

But all the publicity from all the tattoo shows helps my business grow more so keep them up. lol.

Maybe their not showing us everything because the lines are blurred.

INK MASTER Season 6 Premiere, Meet the Artists (VIDEO

Agreed. Karlie Redd for the end of the season and season 6 tho lmaoooo.

Below are all new and returning primetime shows expected to air during the 2014-15 television season (including the summer of 2015).And since then, I think Sky feels the need to put her in her place.That laugh she did when Tiff said she was jealous of her was a little disturbing.She came there bringing unnecessary drama in the first place.Im guessing bae felt like tiff left her only friend she might have thought tgey were closer then they actually were but i mean im not finna defend no bitch that wont even defend herself tiff got all that mouth but ran away so to me bae dont owe her shit.

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