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To be exact: 1- You can Google my sample IP that I listed and you will see that NO Where is there information about my location being actually in Charleston which Google knows which info that ip address does not provide since that ip address maps to San Jose CA.When I open Google Maps it shows my exact location precisely.Back when Apple still used Skyhook for their location services, I know it also used to cache parts.But I would love to find in your Code some thing in this regard that I had not known heretofore.Where Am I app helps you find your current geographic location on Google Maps including the exact latitude and.

If you would use a VPN service from another geographical location, you would have a different IP address, and Google would think you were from a different location.

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Were you logged into Google Mail or another Google service by any chance.Of course we do this by looking at the GEO data associated with the ip address of the visitor.

In the URL bar, type about:config Type geo.enabled Double click on the geo.enabled preference Location-Aware Browsing is now disabled.If a browser is able to access that information, it can compare it to what they already know - Google, for example, probably has tremendous data stores of SSIDs and other information due to Street View cars, and information volunteered in droves through their various services and programs.How does Google Maps. but how does Google know the traffic conditions.

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When you put a keyword into a Google search box, how does Google filter its results for you.Try using Private Browsing Mode after turning off Location Data.Any place you are which is nearby some (for instance, in a busy city street, or in an apartment building, there could be dozens of networks available to your laptop at once) - those networks will show up to your computer if your wireless radio is on.

How does some Web sites such as Google know where you are located even when your ip says otherwise.Engineering How does Google know my location even when I am using a.P.S.,I cannot think of a better place to post this question, if there is a better forum than Php to post this question, please feel free to move it there.

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Tell us as Web developers, what is the Code (in Php) that we should use to find someones exact location when they are visiting our Web site if that look up is not to be done via their ip address.When Android phone users turn on their Google Maps app with GPS location.Two different computers, two different IP addresses, and two different browsers.How is that so many People keep justifying how Creepy Google actions are.I know that most websites know my location. 2. but, that little thing at the bottom is something I have never seen.

These are not exact, but they can be accurate to a general location.I found strange because I only looked for the topic at uni, using firefox.You will still see, local search results because of your IP address.However, some Big Web sites such as Google, know where you are located correctly even though your ip is mapping to some where else.I use a VPN and it always showed were my fake ip address was located.

Part Two of our series on finding insight in the Location reports of Google Analytics. from last month I am watching my google analytic panel.

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Given the fact that as described before Google Web sites are looking at something else other than our ip address to determine our exact location.

However, when I go to Google Maps it knows my exact location.Oddly enough, I was reading this yesterday, which might help.What does Google have to do for you to face the fact that they are anything but a search engine anymore.My vote is to call your ISP. then. let us know what happens.

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That is if you go to the URL that you provided, it states that FF does report my exact location to a Web site that has signed up for this service, by.

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Their IP Tracing is going to be much more accurate, based on lots of factors, than the site I linked above.What we want to do is to accurately recognize where the visitors to our Web site are coming from.

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