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If you have to temporarily disable it to install other software, you should re-enable it.I tried the other solutions re: restarting BITS and Microsoft Update posted in this.

I then went into the Control Panel and changed updates to Never Check.

Error: "Windows Firewall cannot run because another

Now try starting the Windows Update service and the BITS - if you get errors, post the EXACT error message.Windows Update cannot currently check for updates, because the service is not running.Frankly Notron, which is free to me as a Comcast user combined with MalwareByte keep my PC out of trouble.

Windows update will not run... error "windows cannot

Worked here on an infrequently used PC running Windows Server 2008 R2.

After this Flash update, I still had both services up and the red X.This is a custom build running Windows 7 64 bit pro, service pack 1.

The other antivirus programs that were on there were norton (way back when it was running vista 32 bit home basic), microsoft security essentials, and previous versions of AVG free.Had the same issue, my system had not updated in over a year.Thanks after trying all the technical stuff this little trick worked for me.Please start a new thread of your own, detailing hte EXACT error message you get.I clicked check for updates and was successful - several updates were ready to be downloaded and installed.This has been driving me nuts, and by just updating Windows Defender, I can download the Windows Updates.I had been using Windows F8 Boot options to disable that while looking for the real problem.

This was a simple fix that worked for me--Thanks Brook Steed.

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Then, browse back to the log file and try to rename or delete it again.Windows Update cannot currently check for updates, because the service is not.I kicked off that update by clicking the warning in Action Center and now MSE is up to date and Windows Update is working fine.

I just downloaded the latest drivers from Intel and updated the driver from device manager for the IDE controller.This just happened to me and it seemed to be caused by Microsoft Security Essentials trying to install an update.I had been away for a month and Windows had not updated for even longer.Same message, services as indicated on automatic and started.Windows Update Cannot Check For Updates. because the service is not running. I have no idea how to restart or reset the windows update so it will work.I imaged 5 PCs last week and just got to them this morning and 4 out 5 cannot do the Windows Updates.It was already clear to me that (new )disc drives played some role in these.

I remember it giving me this error message, and had just shelved the system for awhile.The end result of all my research on this issue and experience brings me to the conclusion that any anti virus program that is free, IS FREE FOR A REASON. they suck.Changing the settings fixed it straightaway no reboot required.You can do the changes wherever you happen to be with the computer:).

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Solution was to install Intel Rapid Storage Technology Driver VERSION: to the HD upgrade, I did a fresh install of Windows 7 Professional 64-bit before reloading my other programs and user files.

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Leaving it running and checking it the next day always seemed to fix it, I just never knew what was happening.I had the exact same error message trying to run windows update on a brand new Win7 x64 build.This worked for me and I am using Vista but have ahd the same problem with Windows 7 and have been looking for the answer for about a year.I updated Defender - boom Windows update immediately started working and the machine is updating right now.Standard Time(GMT-05:00) 0 3 HPQOEM SLIC-MPC 102 100 Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007 12 19.

A simple fix for Microsoft Update problems. it will then launch Windows update.I did notice a driver signing error message prior to the attempted windows update fail.Confirmed here, same issue in a Win7 x64 virtual machine, updating windows defender first, rebooted the VM then it worked like a charm.A bit late as an answer, but I found that the problem for me was that windows update itself needed an update.Solution: turn off automatic updates, manually check for updates, install the windows update update, set auto again.This had been freshly deployed from an image in Hyper-V which had not shown this issue in over 20 previous deployments.Suggestion to Miscrosoft, issue an update to unhook this dependence please.

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